“When you place yourself in Lindsay’s healing hands be ready to receive bounteously. Each massage is both a treatment and a gift. Lindsay creates a wonderfully welcoming sanctuary for your healing. I have benefitted from many, many professional massages in my life and Lindsay’s approach to massage has imparted the most relief and wellness by far. I always leave her care glowing and joyful, my spirit restored.”- Sophie 2011

“Lindsay’s gentle and sure touch were balm to my aching muscles. She was concerned for my comfort and well-being and, as a new client, asked many questions as she went along. What a wonderful massage!” – Kathy F 2010

“Hip Pain from Pro Driving, debilitating migraines, chronic shoulder pain and pulled muscles. I tried Physical Therapy, Traditional Massage, chiropractics and pharmaceuticals. Lindsay Newman freed me from the prison of a suffering body with Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, and instruction in effective stretching for my specific needs. I feel years younger, I can move freely, work with joy, and I can PLAY! Thank You, Lindsay!” — Cynthia 2011.

“I choose to see Lindsay because of her humor and relaxed approach to massage, the sense I get that we work together in a care partnership, and her respect for and ability with energy work. Lindsay honors what I bring into the massage session as well as respecting the work I do outside of the massage setting.  She offers an opportunity for deep healing of old injuries – both easing the physical trauma and facilitating processing and letting go of the emotions that are attached to them.” – Amanda 2012

“I have now suffered through the experience of having  frozen shoulder syndrome twice!  For the first shoulder I went to a effective massage therapist whose approach involved extremely painful treatments. This was my first experience with massage.  Ugh!

Several years later I started to develop a second frozen shoulder, pushed through to do what I had to do, and before I know it, was back in the same situation again.  You can imagine my relief when I discovered that Lindsay was able to help me regain significant range of motion without nearly as much pain.  She advocated alternating table and Thai acupressure treatments to gently coax my shoulder to open and release.

Now I have almost regained full range of motion in both shoulders and  I will continue to get regular treatment from Lindsay to ensure that my body stays calm and open rather than loaded down with stress.  I have learned to value looking after myself and appreciate the great benefit of a bi-weekly “tune up” to keep my body happy as I meet the challenges that life throws my way.”

Kathleen – Environmental Advocate – 2012

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