Your First Appointment

How exciting!  You’ve booked your first appointment and are in for a treat! Please read over our following practice policies so that there are no awkward surprises.  Also, planning to arrive 10-15 min early for your first appointment will give you a buffer to relieve the stress of coming to a new location and give you the chance to fill out a our contact info and health history form.

Services, Rates, and Practice Policies:

Chair massage:  Client is seated in a padded chair designed for massage.  Offered for parties and events. 10, 15, or 20 minute sessions. Cost as contracted with organizer  – approx $1/min.

Integrative Table massage: Client is professionally draped. Direct contact with the skin allows for therapeutic myofascial release work before massage lotion is used so that each stroke can slide over the skin.  Soothing the nervous system, this format is appropriate for either pure relaxation or good for focusing on recovery from specific soft tissue complaints.  Lindsay often incorporates little extras such as steamy hot cloths and aromatherapy.      Standard rate: 1 hr = $75, 1.25 = $90, 1.5 = $110, 2 = $135

Thai Massage: Sometimes referred to as “Thai Yoga Massage” this modality is grounded in over 2,500 years of tradition and is practiced on a futon mat on the floor.  As the client you get to breathe deeply and melt into the mat as Lindsay fluidly blends deep compressive strokes with supported stretches. The focus is on structural integration and range of motion for all your joints (Particularly good for resolving hip, low back, and shoulder complaints).              Standard rate: 1 hr = $75, 1.25 = $90, 1.5 = $110, 2 = $135

Scheduling: When choosing your appointment time please leave room in your schedule to arrive early and not feel rushed leaving. You are welcome to schedule with Lindsay directly either after your appointment or by phone:  503-724-4443. Otherwise enjoy the convenience of booking on-line through our schedulicity account.  Visit www.melodicmovementmassage .com and simply follow the “schedule now” links.

Payment: Full payment is due at time of treatment unless an alternate payment plan has been agreed upon. Checks or cash are preferred. All major credit cards are also excepted.

Cancellation:  There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Calling more than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment releases you from any financial obligation for that appointment.  Canceling less than 24 hours but before the scheduled time of appointment incurs a $25 charge.  Clients who are more than 20 minutes late and haven’t called to say they are on their way will be considered “no shows.” No shows shall pay full price for the missed appointment (50% of the payment may be credited toward another appointment).  If Lindsay has to cancel your appointment she will contact you as soon as possible to reschedule, giving you a $25 discount on the rescheduled appointment.

Communication:  Your comfort and sense of well-being are of utmost importance so please don’t hesitate to voice your concerns or questions at anytime! After the initial intake period, Lindsay will strive for relative silence rather than badgering you for your input. She trusts that you will share your preferences and provide feedback throughout your session and that you will appreciate the chance to slip into a state of deep relaxation.

Confidentiality: In compliance with HIPPA regulations and standards of ethical boundaries Lindsay will keep your personal information private, not even sharing the fact that you are her client except in cases where she has been granted permission to communicate with other health care providers to ensure your health and safety.

Health and Hygiene: Lindsay keeps her treatment space and practices as sanitary as possible. Please consider your own personal state of hygiene before coming for your appointment.  If you are experiencing contagious ill health please call to re-schedule. Understand that as an independent therapist Lindsay has the right to deny treatment to a client if she feels they are failing to meet a basic level of cleanliness or present any other barrier to appropriate treatment.  Please refer to “cancelation policies” for possible associated fees.

Draping: All clients will either remain comfortably clothed (such as with chair or Thai Massage sessions) or have their modesty maintained with professional draping (such as Integrative Table massage).  When providing Table Massage Lindsay uses sacred Earth Botanical Cream and will need to access your skin.  After she has completed the intake session and stepped out to wash up, please strip down to your comfort level (whether this means leaving undergarments on or going completely nude) and then slip between the sheets and rest comfortably on the massage table.  Lindsay will knock and wait for your response before re-entering the treatment room. At which point Lindsay will make sure you are supported with bolsters or pillows as desired and that each time she moves the sheet it is done efficiently and held securely to maintain at least visual barrier as required by Oregon law.  Heat packs and blankets can be added to keep you cozy, or the sheets folded carefully to allow you to cool.  Again, please keep Lindsay informed of your needs and preferences.

Lindsay feels strongly that professional boundaries and ethical standards must be maintained in this inherently intimate profession.  If Lindsay feels that her client has crossed the line into the realm of inappropriate or disrespectful behavior she will uphold her rights to terminate the session on the spot. This includes but is not necessarily limited to sexually suggestive remarks or behavior.  There will be no refunds for a session cut short due to the client forfeiting treatment in this manner.

We we look forward to working with you in our current location: 6500 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy, Suite 5 – Portland, OR 97225. Please don’t hesitate to call Lindsay at 503-724-4443 with any questions you may have. Take care, and see you soon.

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