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Lindsay Bodo is a highly skilled hands on healer who couples scientific understanding with a creative and empathically directed approach to treatment. She crafts each session to best suit her client’s individual needs. Please call Lindsay directly at 503-724-4443 if you have any questions about what form of treatment is most appropriate for you or your loved ones.

Services Offered:

Thai on the Biomat  — Thai Massage improves structural and energetic balance throughout your full body. Focused on range of motion for every joint structure, Thai Massage is practiced on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed. Lindsay dances between thumbing sen lines and acupressure points with using her body to fluidly move and support yours through a series of yoga like stretches coupled with deep compressive strokes.  Breathe deeply, relax, and feel toasty content as you veg out, receiving the benefits from both Lindsay’s fabulous hands on treatment and soak in the yummy goodness provided by her infra-red/amethyst cyrstal heating pad Bio Mat.

*Standard Sessions:  75 min = $110, 90 min = $135

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Therapeutic Massage (on the massage table – aka Fusion Table Massage.) —  a diversity of techniques blended together to create a dreamy treatment uniquely based on your own preferences.   Techniques, pressure, and overall mood of session will be dictated by client’s desires and physical condition.  This is the practitioner preferred format for deep neck and shoulder work.

An example of a fusion table massage session begins with exploring your range of motion and hands on assessment techniques while you are still clothed.  Then you will have an opportunity to disrobe to your comfort level and snuggle in between the sheets on the massage table.  At which point we will address whatever myofascial and scar tissue release you need prior to introducing any massage cream and aromatherapy oils.  Time allowing we will then move into a more traditional therapeutic or relaxation massage.  Enjoy complimentary benefits of aromatherapy and extras such as steamy hot towels at the end of your session.

*Standard Sessions: 60 min = $90, 75 min = $110, 90 min = $135

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Visceral Manipulation —  A form of manual therapy for the soft tissue as taught by the Barral Institute.  This approach to treatment is focused on the need for each and every tissue layer in the body to be able to stretch and glide against its neighbors.  With a focus on the internal organs of the thorax, abdominal, and pelvic cavities treatment consists of two aspects:  Active engagement for working the mobility of the organs (their capacity to move in relationship to surrounding tissue structures), as well as more relaxing and passive engagement of the organs to boost the intrinsic motion of the organs which we call “Motility.”

Let Lindsay be the Ambassador for your organs.  She will expertly guide you through an interactive and educational experience.   Appreciate the opportunity to work out abdominal and related tension as Lindsay gently focuses on creating more stretch and glide for your connective tissue layers.  This treatment is perfect for addressing old scar tissue and facial lesions.  We will listen to your body’s call for attention and boost your organs’ capacity for functioning, such as enhancing smooth flow through your full digestive tract, addressing liver function, and offering support to your kidneys and spleen, pancreas and bladder.  Over all an relaxing experience, visceral manipulation has the additional benefit of nudging your nervous system from the over active “fight or flight” stimulation and deep into a calm state of “rest and digest.”

* Stand alone treatment: 45 min = $70.   We can incorporate these techniques into a longer Therapeutic Massage sessions as described above.

Cranial Sacral Thearpy

Enjoy a beautifully structured session for bringing the brain and nervous system spacious relief, creating increased ease of movement, sense of lightness, and overall harmony for the body and mind. Please wear supple comfortable clothes (no jeans!), as you will remain clothed for the session, and Lindsay will work through the layers, using a super gentle light touch.

Couples Massage —  Lindsay and her highly skilled colleagues team up to provide you with a truly rejuvenating retreat in your own home.  This relaxation massage is gives best friends, moms and daughts, sisters, or sweethearts a great opportunity to relax and reconnect. Prices may vary depending on partipating therapists and sessional specials.

*Receive the care you need— Lindsay offers package deals.   You can also earn an additional $10 for every first time client who cites your name in the referral portion of their intake form. Also note that Pre-negotiated payment plans are available as well as scholarships dependent on your situation so give me a call so that we can work something out for you.

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